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Improving Your Butterfly SweepWith 1 Simple Change

Whether you’re doing a butterfly sweep from an open guard or a closed one, as a novice,

Introduction to the Knee-Push Sweep from Guard

The Knee-Push guard recovery is one of the most fundamental escapes known in BJJ along with the

A Brief Look At The History of Jiu-Jitsu

In order to fully immerse yourself in the art of JiuJitsu and all of its principles, it’s

Taping Your Fingers ForJiuJitsu Training

If you’re training Brazilian JiuJitsu, or even any other form of martial art for that matter, you’re

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Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll)

Escaping The Head Lock Via Hip Roll As simple as a headlock may look like, it’s not exactly something that many JiuJitsu practitioners train against. After all, why would you try against a submission holds,that’s not exactly considered as a technical

Build Grip Strength for JiuJitsuWith These Five Exercises

If you’ve been practicing JiuJitsu for a while, you’d know that getting a collar choke hold on your opponent is only half the story.Leverage aside,you’d need enough grip strength to have a chance at landing a successful submission

Standing Up In Base – The Brazilian JiuJitsu Way

This move comes in many different names in BJJ. You could call it the get-up, the technical stand-up, or the standing up in base. Though, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to refer to it using the latter name.

How To Do a Guard Escape (Push) Properly

Getting yourself caught in your opponent’s guard is not a favorable situation for you. While you’re technically on top of them, they hold the advantage of being able to inflict massive amounts of damage onto you.

Escaping a Devastating Head Lock With a Leg Hook

Imagine yourself walking down the street in a middle of the night. As a JiuJitsu practitioner, you’re probably confident enough that if someone tried to jump you, you’d at least be able to take an inexperienced fighter out, or even two.

The Difference Between MMA and Boxing Gloves

The Difference Between MMA and Boxing Gloves While both gloves are used in fight sports, their similarities end there. Gloves aside, both fight sports have a different set of rules and conventions. Both have different means of competing for the athletes

Side Mount To Mount – Step Over

The side mount to mount with a step over is a basic mount and a ground technique that’svital for novices. Learning how to do it properly, along with other basic JiuJitsu stuff, are important for a fighter to go from a

Top 7 MMA Clothing Brands For You To Consider

To be considered in this list, a brand must be easy to order or available in many parts of the world, be recognized by professional fighters or coaches and most important of all, have built a reputation of producing quality clothing.
Darkpink Thai Boxing shorts

Three Things To Consider When Buying Muay Thai Shorts

When compared to other fight sport’s shorts, Muay Thai shorts are rather different because they’re much shorter. In particular, boxing shorts are about four times longer than the ones used in Muay Thai. Aside from that, the make is different as

5 Tips To Be Better at Guard Passing

If you’ve been doing BJJ for quite some time, you know Rickson Gracie’s famous words about the guard being the heart and soul of JiuJitsu. And, if you’ve noticed, the guard is something that many fighters, both novices and advanced, always