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Standing Up In Base – The Brazilian JiuJitsu Way

This move comes in many different names in BJJ. You could call it the get-up, the technical stand-up, or the standing up in base. Though, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to refer to it using the latter name.

Side Mount To Mount – Step Over

The side mount to mount with a step over is a basic mount and a ground technique that’svital for novices. Learning how to do it properly, along with other basic JiuJitsu stuff, are important for a fighter to go from a

Side Mount To Mount – Knee Drive

Learning The Side Mount To Mount – Knee Drive Anyone who’s starting out in JiuJitsu, A.K.A the White Belts, have to soak up all they can about bjj in order to progress further and be more capable fighters.

Scissor Sweep (Guard To Mount)

Learning How to Do The Scissor Sweep The scissor sweep, along with the push sweep, are the two most basic and fundamental sweeps in JiuJitsu. Both are rather difficult to execute and many novices struggle with these two.

Double Ankle Grab Sweep (Guard To Mount)

Doing The Double Ankle Sweep The Right Way Transitioning from guard to mount is never easy. There may be different techniques that can help you do so, but none of which is easy to do, especially the double ankle sweep. As