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Improving Your Butterfly SweepWith 1 Simple Change

Whether you’re doing a butterfly sweep from an open guard or a closed one, as a novice, you’re bound to make many mistakes. You may think that you’re doing it right. But, trust me, you’re not and you shouldn’t take offense

Introduction to the Knee-Push Sweep from Guard

The Knee-Push guard recovery is one of the most fundamental escapes known in BJJ along with the “buck and roll”. Many experts emphasize on practicing just these two escapes on all sorts of opponents, as the movements involved in the said

A Brief Look At The History of Jiu-Jitsu

In order to fully immerse yourself in the art of JiuJitsu and all of its principles, it’s important that you take a look at its history and how it came to be.

Taping Your Fingers ForJiuJitsu Training

If you’re training Brazilian JiuJitsu, or even any other form of martial art for that matter, you’re going to have problems with the joints in your fingers at some point. While it’s wise to just give it time to heal, many