Introduction to the Knee-Push Sweep from Guard

The Knee-Push guard recovery is one of the most fundamental escapes known in BJJ along with the “buck and roll”. Many experts emphasize on practicing just these two escapes on all sorts of opponents, as the movements involved in the said two escapes are rather useful.


Though, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to talk about the knee-push sweep from guard and how to do it properly.

  1. In guard, grab your opponent’s collar using your right hand and use your left hand to grab their right elbow. The same applies vice versa, but for the purpose of this tips, stick to right hand on collar and left hand on elbow first.
  1. If you’re using the closed guard, be sure to uncross your feet before putting your right foot down. Now, put all of your weight on both of your left shoulder and right foot. Lift your hips up and angle it towards your right. This helps create necessary space between you and your opponent to make it easier to pull off this technique.
  1. Bring right knee up until it’s across the stomach of your opponent.
  1. Take up a similar stance to a scissor sweep as you lay your left leg next to the right knee of your opponent. But, for a push sweep or a knee-push sweep, your opponent has a slightly wider base than normal so a scissor sweep is difficult to pull off.
  1. Instead of trying hard to do a scissor sweep (that is, assuming you know how to do so), simply place your left foot on your opponents right knee.
  1. Proceed to destroy the base of your opponent by simply pushing your opponent’s right knee. It may be easier and more effective to do so if you use the right knee on your opponent’s stomach (Number 3) for a bit more leverage and to create more space.
  1. To sweep your opponent and reverse the mount, all you have to do is straighten your right leg.
  1. As an added bonus, you’ll have your opponent’s right arm at your own mercy for a number of arm-locks you can think of.

Try to practice at half-speed with a sparring partner and be sure to do so with much caution. Practicing with these techniques half-assed puts you and your partner in tremendous risk, remember that.

If anything is unclear, be sure to look up the procedure online. You’ll find lots and lots of other resource information that should help you know more about this effective, and yet simple escape. Even more recommended is to watch videos so you know exactly how it happens in real life time.

Speaking of looking up, you may also visit to know more about other types of BJJ techniques, as well as useful information about the art.

The website is full of information about the combat sport that we all love and you’re bound to love every minute you spend surfing there.

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