Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll)

Escaping The Head Lock Via Hip Roll

As simple as a headlock may look like, it’s not exactly something that many JiuJitsu practitioners train against. After all, why would you try against a submission holds,that’s not exactly considered as a technical pinning position?


The truth, however, is that the headlock can be just as devastating as any hold and, if done by someone who’s skilled or desperate enough, the effects can be devastating.

Fortunately, there are ways to defend against a headlock, with the hip roll being one of them and here’s how you do it.

  1. Don’t panic. With your opponent holding you in a headlock, and/or a scarf hold, it’s best to try to clear your head and think what to do next.
  1. Check which arm of yours is trapped under your opponent’s arm. If it’s the right arm, then it’s going to be trapped under your opponent’s left arm. So, take your free arm, which in this case is the left, behind your opponent and grab your right wrist.
  1. Use your left foot to help you slide your hips under the hips of your attacker as far as possible. Don’t try to push too hard as you may not be flexible enough.
  1. Your aim now is to roll your opponent over your body. To do this, you have to thrust your hips upward while pulling your right wrist across using your left hand. You should have enough leverage to be able to do so successfully.
  1. Continue to let your opponent roll, then come up using your left knee while you take your right foot over your opponent’s stomach. This will keep your opponent pinned down and prevent any counters.
  1. Be sure that you’ve established a solid base first. Once you’re sure of your base, try to attempt a submission hold if you’re confident enough, or just back away if you need to catch your breath.

Knowing at least one good headlock escape may come in handy in the future, especially for JiuJitsu practitioners who plan on competing at a higher level.

Even more important is that the headlock is a rather submission hold that even inexperienced, average people will try to do because it’s rather effective. And, if you ever find yourself mugged in a dark alley, there’s a huge chance that the mugger will try to hold you with a head lock.

In the mat, practitioners of other martial arts will try to get a headlock on you as other grappling arts often employ submission holds that look and work A LOT like headlocks.

Basically, no matter how few people use headlocks in JiuJitsu, it’s not exactly something that you should never prepare for.

Speaking of preparing for it, try to practice it with a partner and switch sides every now and then. Ask someone more experienced, such as your coach, to watch how you practice and give you pointers afterwards on what you did wrong, as well as where you could have improved

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