Top 7 MMA Clothing Brands For You To Consider

To be considered in this list, a brand must be easy to order or available in many parts of the world, be recognized by professional fighters or coaches and most important of all, have built a reputation of producing quality clothing.Screenshot_7

As such, you can rest easy knowing that whatever brand it is we’re recommending here, it’s simply one of the best that money can buy.

  1. Boxsense MMA Shorts – This MMA Shorts brand is made in Thailand. Come with high quality, Thai style design which is match for both MMA and Muay Thai training.
  1. Jaco Clothing – If you’re looking for a brand that mixes quality with a stylish Brazilian flavor, then Jaco Clothing is great for you. They also sell and produce compression shorts, mouth guards, board shorts and T-Shirts, things that MMA enthusiasts such as yourself will definitely love.
  1. Hayabusa –Hayabusa sells pretty much every MMA related gear you can think of. From equipment, to clothing, to training gears, they sell them and they sell them with good quality. They’re also a well-known brand and have been around for years.
  1. Bad Boy – Badass logo aside, Bad Boy produces some of the best-looking martial arts clothing in the market. They’ve made a name for themselves for not only high quality stuff, but also clothing that blend functionality with aesthetics rather well. They also sell high-quality training gear as well.

MMA Hosen Boxen

  1. Tokyo Five – While it’s easy to mistake Tokyo Five as a high end fashion company, they do produce some of the finest MMA gears one can find. Yes, they sell polos, shirts and fashionable jeans. But, other than that, they also sell Japanese inspired training gear that should look great, both in practice and in actual fights.
  1. Tapout – Do you really need a reason to look into their stuff? Tapout is the most visible clothing brand in the world of MMA and for good reason, their wide range of products are made with quality and aesthetics in mind.
  1. Under Armour – Under armour is a slight underdog in the world of MMA. After all, they’re not known for selling MMA related stuff. But, they did ink Georges St. Pierre to a sponsorship and that alone warrants that their stuff is good. While selection for MMA gear is scarce, Under Armour is a leading company in terms of compression shorts, shorts and other athletic clothing you may need while you train.

There you have it, 7 MMA clothing brands for you to consider when you’re shopping for gear, whether it be for training or for an actual fight.

Quality-wise, all of these are on par with each other and it’s up to your tastes or preferences as to which brand and style you prefer. Regardless of which you choose, however, you’re going to end up with your money’s worth.

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