The Insides of a Muay Thai Fighter’s Training Bag

If you’ve found yourself interested in learning Muay Thai, then it’s a sure thing that you’ve visited quite a few Muay Thai gyms around your area. Inquiring as you go, you’ve surely seen Muay Thai fighters lugging around huge training bags and wondered, what’s inside them?

Muay Thai NegozioWell, wonder no more as the list below will show you what sort of training gear you’ll usually find in a fighter’s gear bag.

  1. Boxing gloves.Most fighters usually have two pairs of gloves in their bag every time they train. The reason for this is that one pair is used for pad and bag work, while the other is for sparring, as well as for drills.
  1. Shin Guards. Even the most experienced Muay Thai fighters know that being reckless and not using shin guards when practicing is not good. Shin Guards protect you and your training partners from any possible injury. If you plan on buying one, be sure that you fit it on first to check if you’re comfortable with its size or shape.
  1. Do you know what’s more expensive than head gears? Getting an MRI or CT scan in case you get yourself a concussion while training and mind you, concussions are normal in Muay Thai if you don’t wear any protective gear.
  1. Groin Protection. Seriously? Does this really need an explanation?
  1. Mouth Guard.Buy yourself a couple of mouth guards and change them up every now and then. While mouth guards don’t come cheap, they are much cheaper than having to go to the dentist to have your teeth repaired.
  1. Hand wraps. Most fighters own a dozen or so pairs. Their reason? You can never own too many hand wraps because they’re so useful in Muay Thai. If you plan on starting training anytime soon, buy a dozen or so and bring a couple with you every time you go to train.
  1. Knee and elbow pads.Like shin guards, but not really that necessary. But, if you ask anyone who’s ever had to clash knees with their sparring partners, they’d be the first to tell you that these pads aren’t something that you’d want to train without.
  1. Ankle braces. These aren’t exactly all that necessary, but as a beginner, you’ll want to protect your feet from all the force generated from your kicks. Though, you’ll want to spar without one at times as well, so you get used to the pain.

There you have it, 8 must-have items that’s usually found in many Muay Thai fighter’s bags.

Keep in mind that not everything in this list is necessary, or at least, you can train even without them. Even if you just have a pair of shorts, gloves and a mouth guard, you’re free to train Muay Thai as you please. Though, as has been said with the many items found in this list, many of them aren’t exactly necessary, but your life will be much easier if you have them in hand every time you train.

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