Three Things To Consider When Buying Muay Thai Shorts

When compared to other fight sport’s shorts, Muay Thai shorts are rather different because they’re much shorter. In particular, boxing shorts are about four times longer than the ones used in Muay Thai. Aside from that, the make is different as most Muay Thai shorts are soft, made of high quality satin material and usually made in Thailand.

Darkpink Thai Boxing shorts

It’salso not uncommon for Muay Thai fighters to roll up one side of their shorts for a bit more wiggle room, as well as to show off the definition of their legs.

If you’re starting out in Muay Thai and want to get yourself the most comfortable shorts possible, you may want to consider these three things.

  • The Right Size.Before you look at the design, price or make, you’ll have to consider the size first. It’s important that the shorts allow enough space for you to move around to throw your kicks and knees. When buying, try to fit it first and do a bit of shadowboxing to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Do remember that different brands will have different fits, even if they are of the same size. As such, it’s recommended to buy from a physical store than an online one so you can actually see the shorts in person and fit it.

  • Don’t cheap out. Never ever buy cheap shorts. Not only are they made out of low-quality materials, but they’re not comfortable to wear after an hour or so of training as people will be able to see your underwear right through the shorts.

This goes in line with the previous tip when it comes to actually touching the shorts first to have a feel for the material. You’ll know immediately if the shorts are made out of quality materials if you try squeezing the fabrics and rubbing them back and forth.

  • Choose a quality brand. The bigger the brand name is, the more likely that the quality will be good. Though, this may also mean that it’s going to be more expensive. But still, the costs can’t really compare to just how comfortable a quality short is to wear and train or fight in.

Notable brand names are Boon, Lumpinee, Windy, Top King, Twins, Fairtex and Raja.

Their shorts will probably set you back a bit, but you’ll end up using them for quite a while (more or less two years, or even more) anyway so, it’s a worthy investment.

Those who’ve gone on to buy cheap shorts know the feeling of training and feeling embarrassed afterwards. While you’re not the first to feel that, nor the last, it’s not something that you want to happen to you every time you train.

As such, be sure to keep these three tips in mind when you’re shopping around for Muay Thai shorts. If you do that and buy yourself the right pair of shorts, you’ll never ever feel embarrassed after a training session or two ever again

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