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Inverted Gear White Panda Gi

The Fit
The Design
Review by Seth Harris on January 7, 2013

Nice gi with a cute and cuddly logo, what more could you want?


Who doesn't love Pandas? Okay how about inverted Pandas? You just can't resist, it's a scientific fact! In this review we take a look at the white Panda gi from Inverted Gear. They are a relatively new company that's starting to pump out some high quality gis. The White Panda gi falls in the low end of the mid level price range and boy is that a competitive place to be these days. Read on Gear Junkies!

The Fit

I'm 5'7" 165 and have really short stumpy arms so normally I'm forced into getting an A1 for the sleeve length and just praying the body isn't too tight. This works out in most cases and the White Panda gi is another example of that. The sleeve length is good on me and the body fits snug, but doesn't restrict my movement at all. It has a fitted cut to it. Meaning you wont have any flying squirrel issues under the armpits. The sleeves do tend to stretch out a bit after some long rolls, nothing major, but I do notice they are a bit longer at the end of class. The pants fit me wonderfully and I have no complaints about them. No bagginess in the crotch, and the length of the pant legs themselves is just about right for my body type.


I was 100% impressed with the quality level of the White Panda gi. These new companies these days are really stepping up their game! I have had no issues with the durability of this product to date. I've rolled in it and washed it several times at this point and there's no abnormal signs of wear. I personally love the 550 pearl weave for the simple fact that it can take a beating and still be fairly light and dry quickly. Of course like always if anything changes down the road, I'll be sure to update this section.

The Cool Factor

Their logo is a freakin' upside down Panda! There's something to be said lately about the brands starting to come out that seem to not take themselves too seriously. You don't need to be wearing a flaming skull patch on your gi to be a badass on the mats. Not to mention the quality level on the White Panda gi by Inverted Gear is well worth the money.


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