Tying Your JiuJitsu Belt The Proper Way

Tying Your JiuJitsu Belt The Proper Way

JiuJitsu, much like any other combat sport or martial art, is full of tradition. In fact, the art itself puts heavy emphasis on tradition and respecting it, especially in regards to the Gi (pronounced as Gee) or the JiuJitsu uniform.

While the Gi is rather straightforward, many teachers will repeatedly teach their students the proper way to tie a belt and expect them to have it memorized as soon as possible.2000px-MCMAP_Belt_Structure.svg

The problem, though, is that many tend to forget how to do so, especially novices. After all, with all the many hours of training sessions you go through regularly, you’re bound to forget a simple detail such as tying your belt properly. You may not even remember how to tie it by the end of each class. And, you’ve probably been the subject of ridicule and a bit of teasing from your professor as far as tying your belt goes.

Then again, with how many times you take your Gi on and off, tying your belt properly should be second nature by now. But, it’s not.

The reason? Well, as simple as it is, there are many ways to tie the belt and different teachers often teach different things. And, don’t even start about the people you train with, as they may have their own way of doing things.

If you prefer something traditional, however, I’ve got just the thing for you.

Follow these simple steps below to learn how to tie your belt and arrange your Giproperly.

  1. Put the left side of your label, or Gi top on top of the right side. Try to look for a patch on your left lapel as this signifies that the side with the patches should always be over the side that doesn’t have one.
  1. Place the middle of your belt across your stomach. Don’t be surprised if the two ends of your belt are touching the floor.
  1. Wrap the belt around you and swap each end using the hands opposite to it. Then bring the ends back in front and at this point, all you need to do is just tie your belt.
  1. Cross the ends of the belt, this should now be in front of you. To do it properly, cross the left hand side first, then cross the right side over the left.
  1. The end of your belt should now be on your left side. Tuck it under the belt wrapped around you and pull both ends to make it tighter.
  1. To make a knot, all you have to do is put the right end of the belt on top of the left side and pinch it. Then, bend the end of the belt that’s pointing to you underneath the other belt and start pulling on both ends.
  1. Practice this on your free time so that the next time you train, tying your belt will be a whole lot easier.

Tying your belt properly goes a long way in making yourself feel comfortable while training.

For more help, be sure to look up videos of “how to tie jiu-jitsu belts properly” online. You should find actual footage of people doing it and the actual result of tying the belt properly.

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