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Tatami Estilo 4.0

The Jacket
The Pants
Review by Seth Harris on April 23, 2013

How did it do? How do I like it? Well it's an Estilo for God's sake!


Tatami Fightwear sent me the newest model in their Estilo line the 4.0. Watch the video above for my unboxing/first impression. So some weeks have passed and I have had the chance to put it threw its paces. How did it do? How do I like it? Well it's an Estilo for God's sake! The Tatami Estilo 2.0 still sit's on my top 5 gi list and I have a feeling this model will replace it.

The Fit (I'm 5'7 160 lbs)


  • Collar - It's stiff! Borderline almost too stiff for me. I don't mind a rugged collar, but I'm not fanatical about it. I try my best not to rely on my collars thickness to protect my neck. I have a feeling it will break down some and become a bit softer than it currently is.
  • Sleeves - Ah yes my nemesis- the gi sleeves, we meet again! This time in talking with Tatami before they sent me the 4.0 I asked them how the sleeve length compared to the Spirit of Japan gi, they told me it was almost the same. So I told them to send me an A2 and crossed my fingers. I actually think the sleeves out of box may be a tiny bit shorter than the Spirit of Japan gi. For me that's not a bad thing because of my short arms. I also noticed very little shrinking so the sleeves stayed just about right for me. 
  • Length of skirt - The area where the gi closes around my hips has always been an issue with Tatami gis. I'm happy to say that this is a bit better in the 4.0 model, but that's still where the gi is the tightest on me. The length of the skirt on the 4.0 is a bit longer than some other gis. I would say it's similar to the Gameness 2013 Pearl.


  • Drawstring and loop system - Ok here is where things get interesting. Tatami went with the stretchy rope drawstring and a 5 loop system. That's becoming standard so that's not the interesting part. On the inside part of the pants there is a rubber strip sewn all around the top. This is to help your pants grip something and stay on your body if they start to come lose and fall off. I have included some pictures of this above so check it out (the rubber strip not my pants falling off.) As far as the effectiveness of this goes, I didn't notice a difference. For me it was like it wasn't even there. It didn't bother me at all, but I didn't feel like I gained anything from it being there either. Others have expressed issues with it bunching up on them when they tie their pants tight. I didn't have this problem and I think it may have to do with how big the pants fit on those people. An example of this would be if I were to have ordered a pair of A3s and tied them until they were tight. There would be much more material around the waist and therefor would probably bunch up on me. With all of that said I have to give props to Tatami for pushing it forward and being innovators. I'm sure some will have the opinion if it ain't broke don't fix it, but if that were really true we wouldn't have microwaves, because after all ovens were good enough right? (UPDATE - Tatami has decided to pull this feature from the Estilo 4.0)
  • Crotch area - Nothing special about the crotch area of these pants, until I put them on! ZING! Anyways, back to reality, what I really meant was there's no special fabric sewn into the crotch area or anything. The cut of the pants here is really good too so it wasn't baggy at all on me. When pants don't fit right in the crotch it can be very distracting.
  • Knee area - I always prefer more padding in the knees and I'm going to say that again with these pants. They may be fine for some people, but us poor old folks (I'm 30) with bad knees need all of the extra cushion we can get. I am surprised more companies don't run with this idea.
  • Overall length of pants - The Estilo 4.0 pants are a bit longer on me than other gis, but after a couple washes they have shrank just enough to be about where I want them, but after a training session still a tad bit longer than other gi pants like the Spirit Of Japan gi I referenced earlier. See the size chart below for a bit more detail.

Tatami Estilo Size chart - Bjj Gear Junkie

  Before Wash After Wash
A  63"  62.5"
B 32"  32" 
C 22.5"  22.5" 
D 21  20" 
E  6" 6" 
F 18.5"  18.5" 
G 37"  36" 
H 8.5"  8.5" 
I 27.5"  27" 

*A2 washed in cold and hung to dry for the first couple washes.


I have personally been beating on this gi for several weeks now. Washed plenty of times and air dried 95% of the time. Ok I admit there was a few times I was going to be late for class unless I tossed it in the drier. I know tisk tisk! The stiching looked good fresh out of the bag and it still does weeks later. The only minor minor thing that I can think of was some of the embroidery became a bit fuzzy after several washes. That's really just me being picky though because that's how I am supposed to be.

The Cool Factor

I really like the orange and silver color against the black. It really makes all of the logos jump out at you. Without a doubt the cool factor belongs to the design team this time.